Exiting battle

2012-01-06 08:29:52 by WZyndicate

My pre-emptive opinion:
I call this site a burial waiting to seal it.

In the years past, hence like many websites, a strict fall in devotion. We guarantee the inconvenient processes occurred naturally, where a form of verbal assault on one person (user, member) can be strongly lacked in social networking websites.

Listen to the one who sees the conclusion before knowing the consequences.
Here's my example, a mainstream world where ideas such as my own, simply results in the stunned silence in the conference room. I leave and the next person shares its pitch to the conference staff.
The pitch: It centers itself in a promotional trailer, as the high amount of juvenile content of whom the company eventually calls as the winner of their product promotion. But of the overwhelming anticipation, becomes a pilot-only product.
Of many of the Television products the public see, are composed of virtually no educational value whatsoever, including sexual references.

Last words before exit:
This is not a pathetic excuse for war in an industry desperate... for popularity and the consumers brain cell genocide.

This account will stay archived. A decision finalized from this user.
January 6th, 2012.
The departure of WZyndicate.

Exiting battle

Destroying fame = Obvious Death of the media

2011-11-29 06:00:21 by WZyndicate

From Aaron of Live 12 (was WZyndicate):

I would have been intensely impatient waiting another 12 months to submit another news post to this website (in this case it's Newgrounds).

Anyway, I'm still here after being tortured by the media. I'm not actually tortured under the incomprehensible, nor the depraving fashion, media and technology trends, but how people continue to follow these trends of insignificance. More doppelgangers mean a more negative balance in the world, thus becoming freaks themselves.
It is by-far the worst years of the contemporary era. And I had read a bit about this era on Wikipedia beforehand.

This advice I'm about to share is a long-shot. So for anyone left who would support my beliefs, read. (Violence solves nothing, be the one who is not a stereotype):
"With the world changing to the deep moral decline of human qualities, it's these types of people where I feel not just sick, but have a severe unorthodox feeling towards them. The situation where you need to be the mature person in the family/group/workplace/company/industr y.
You have to remember inside your own mind in who you are. Do not change your ways to them. I am now more angered with the view of a diabolical world where it seems there is no other way to manipulate people but to brainwash them.

With the constant availability of technological devices destroying children's intellect, there are 2 different paths you can go. Join the obsessive compulsives in the social networking world, or shut it up for your own good.
Escape from this real-life nightmare somehow and ignore what they throw at you, because in the end, they'll be suffering in the long-term."

Back to the point about disaster grade celebrities. If I have to shout this out, I am free to shout "I'm very angry of average people being dumbed down by these idiotic celebrity delinquents!". If you become popular, many of the major corporations will snap your fame like a popsicle. In other words, the mainstream media is a suicidal deathwish and since some cannot relate to this, think for a moment.

In what I have considered as a trial account, I'm off Facebook permanently, since June 27th, 2011. I see Facebook for a lot of people similar to a drug addiction. Enter the addiction and it guarantees to scar you for life.

[-Moving on to other Topics-]

My project of what used to be project 4 (since this was a working title), is now renamed Plenantia Travin. Because of how I've been ranting at a constant, the progress on this project has not been good.

One of my Newgrounds profile blurbs explains my hatred with and to Facebook:
"I'm one with deep concerns to people who excessively use Facebook at the moment. COME on you.... IDIOTS! WAKE UP! You are still getting brainwashed."

As Newgrounds is not the only website I'm a member of, I am also on DeviantArt under "WZyndicate", my previous nickname.

Shown below, a promotional image of Plenantia Travin, as well as a release date for it. I do not allow comments in my news posts. Place a private message for your response.

Destroying fame = Obvious Death of the media

Damn it

2010-11-11 00:33:48 by WZyndicate

I'm sick waiting another 3 months to come back here, and I miss voting.
I'm starting on doing my first full animation to put here and on Facebook. My new project has a name and a release date. It's going to (hopefully) be out on my 19th birthday (Sept 24 2011).

Been playing some web games outside of Newgrounds for the past month.

I've been playing this Wii game that is very similar to Call of Duty. It's a reboot of the N64 game of the same name.

For now, I'm happy to be back on Newgrounds.

For some reason, I'm waiting for December.

My top priorities are my animation project and gaming as much as I can.

This is a big pain. You can't submit AGIFs to your profile picture.
I believe this is happening on the next layout update.


2010-10-13 04:21:17 by WZyndicate

I'm leaving Newgrounds for 4 months.

The main reason, these bad animations getting very high scores.
One of the animations called "Minecraft Pals" had me feeling like screaming FU LUTTER it was so unfunny.

Most of my time I'll be doing on the computer is communicating through facebook, deviantArt and gaming.

I wish I had my Wii back.

But then again, Gran Turismo 5 could be my new gaming interest. Oh! And Stereoscopic 3DTV.


another flash out now

2009-11-10 22:46:18 by WZyndicate

It better be ready before my character gets old fashioned.
Twerp-a-twerp comes back for no reason.
I can tell you that someone had deleted flash on my laptop so I did my best to get the most recent trial of flash.
I'll be making a few more flash animations in due time, this month at least.
And to answer about which flash program I got as a trial. It's Flash MX (flash 6).
More animations from me soon.

(Updates below)
File has already been removed. Revealing any of my personal experiences for either ridiculing or of desperation of my own personal life may seem suitable for some other people, but I would actually send the message of my sickness to this website. Because of my instability back then, the file was misused and I removed the file off the portal.

Chit - city loop

2009-09-07 22:04:08 by WZyndicate

I did this animation back on the 8th of July, was mostly happy about how it turned out.
It isn't often that I come out with an animation as fair as this because my free drawings I do are not of a high standard.

At the moment, I'm doing a project that should be out mid 2010.

It'll come... don't make me rush things.

Is it sinking?! What could it be?

2009-05-04 07:48:59 by WZyndicate

Oh for slippers sake, I'm rolling (positive) marbles on the Windows live updates, I mean I already flashed the camera to an absolute 'nartslak'. Errr.... Anymore ridiculous nartslak's in the sky tonight?
And also, do boom boxes now contain nuclear material as speakers?

This post premieres my ending credits addon, the Twerp-a-Twerp card, it'll most likely be applied either at the start or the near end of a WZS produced animation.
So when the T-a-T card virtually makes too much sense for stained glass, it does just enough to think that some adrenaline bodied toddler can outrun a turtle on ice.
And that was from that moment, priorities became a may, not a must.

(Take interest first, then find out that I was putting something pointless to keep the fragile blockheads at bay. Other than the Windows live updates, the rest is plain fiction)

Post updated with post image of 1st T-a-T card.

Moved the Qirip Gene preview to June 6. This will also premiere my voice acting skill on Newgrounds, second in fact. Also during summer, take a look on my dA account for small but perhaps half-decent V.A tests.

This doesn't happen often but I'm working 13 straight hours on the preview today. No need to wish me luck because I have been busy doing warm-up exams this week.
[ Above this sentence is one of four main reasons why I've extended the preview deadline. ]

Will get more work done on coming Friday from this date.

NG's next generation wide layout. I see at least 35% benefits from where I stand.

Qirip Gene preview - another update:
Decided on a storyboard for the preview.

1:44 am - Reached level 10.

Promoted to rank of Police Captain on NG.

The whole week screwed me up nearly entirely.
Also means the preview won't arrive on NG until a suitable date of release or if my mind blocks fall to a minimum.

Another official WZS logo confirmed.

My apologies if I've not been updating this post. (During the past few days) First the anniversary of 'Man on the moon', then the longest 'Summer solstice' of this century, the same day when I bought a Wacom tablet.

Is it sinking?! What could it be?

Ready for the next round

2009-04-15 10:57:05 by WZyndicate

The difficult part's over, restoring balance on a strictly personal event.

All test animations that are created at WZS will be uploaded to my deviantArt account, under the same name as my NG account.



Promoted to the rank of Police Sergeant on NG at 11:33 am (NG time).


The studio is still struck with emotion but as promised, we'll be working to the best of our abilities. The first two pilots for this project will start off as Vector art done in Macromedia Flash.

Here's the order of business at WZS this week:

Sketches of characters from our upcoming project "InTQir".

Ideas for first ep of InTQir.

Staying on this site to celebrate Pico Day.
Continue to think of ideas for InTQir.

Storyboard sketch on Paper.

First version of InTQir script.

Revised storyboard on paper then if happy with piece, redone digitally on Flash.


That concludes this post update.

Coincidence (rewritten)

2009-04-02 05:35:52 by WZyndicate

Well, it turned out to be one white penny.

The image is proof straight below this text.

Hold on, hold on.
For anonymous reasons, we at WZS still can't upload the image in fear of plagiarism, hope you payed attention.

And I knew it was an April Fools (or China Tools) event since tens and thousands of others saw their posts being modified to think they were Chinese tree huggers, or just downright offended with their posts they wrote on that day.
Some of us got caught when users thought the Chinese have officially invaded this site, but because I worked on my animation for 3 of the 3 and a half hours on the PC (other 30 on this site), who the heck would've thought the site was taken over by irrational foreigners, thoughtless oafs?

(Also, did anyone notice NeNe when you try to vote on a submission on the 2nd of April? I'm hoping on (or after) Pico day, the vote icons might change, we will all find out soon won't we?)


2009-02-13 14:39:41 by WZyndicate

I'm using my degrees of architecture with the use of the flash program. I'm going to use the Macromedia Studio 8 software for my level of unknown expertise in animations and graphics.

So for this update, I'm putting a bit of info about the history of my company and my flash experience.
Either read on or go for a short break and then come back to your computer.

My Company Name:

The journey of 'WZyndicate Studios' wasn't a simple one.
Back in around May 2006, the first steps of making my own corporation was just under the name 'WZone', and I nicknamed that while I went on one of those nature walks. Months later, I had scrapped 'WZone' permanently, and took the rightful name of 'WZyndicate' in August 2007, and the chances of me making another name change after 'WZyndicate' is not going to happen.


I began using this program back in 2006, but at that time I didn't have any true definition of how to use it, not even the basics. I had been a little slack with computers back then, but that all changed in October 2008 when I gave flash one more shot, and through the help of the tutorials, I had found my true calling for computers.

Don't get surprised but I'm not going to place more things about 'WZStudios' now. But that should give you the vital information you may need (but that depends).

I'll give you no generic info about my upcoming project, so I'm going to close the lid on that project as tightly as I can until the day of the promo launch.
Here's an image from the project. It's not anything corresponding to romance (it's down the very bottom of this post).

Now, believe me when I say that I'm from Australia.

[Feb 14 update:]

My promo animation is almost ready. I'm now at the last phase of the promo production. I only have the credits to put in and little animating left to go. I was going to extend it to the 19th but I think it's best that I stay with the work I've got on it and finish early.


[Feb 15 update:]

You say the name by the following: A 'W' by itself, then 'Syndicate', but you put more of a 'Z' emphasis in it than an 'S'.
I'm only going to mention this just once on how to say it correctly, otherwise I'll be just going overkill (but definitely not literally), with continually repeating the abbreviation of the name on any of my future news posts.

"I'll give you no generic info about my upcoming project", that was the sentence I said to you on this post days ago. But as of very recent, I had made a very awkward mistake, so I'll let you name it. But I'll pass on my gratitude and take the honors of putting my flash promo to Newgrounds.
So this is where I'm going to leave it for now, return back here at around 4am on the 16th for more. At that time, the promo would already be submitted to this site. So I'm out of here for now, I better get my hope's up.


[Feb 17th]
I have good news about the Polygon Dancers project, my 'three' protagonists have been confirmed, and all of them have the full bodies. The other character designs are in progress, as well as the first backgrounds for the flash pilot of PD.
My info for the PD updater is confirmed for an animation change at late march, but to be honest, I wasn't happy with the deadline of five days after commencing the updater animation. But with stuff like this, the material comes out earlier or later than the confirmation date in that unusual moment of a blank canvas in your imagination consistently appearing for a duration of 2 or more days.
There's only one more update. The title for this post has now been rewritten as "Polygon Dancers, February updates", from the moderately confusing title of "Shaping it for March".
Still more to come.


[Feb 28th]

I'm done with the characters and sketch storyboard and I'm now at the stage of starting the drafts and scripts for my pilot episode of Polygon Dancers. I'm on par with this project so far, putting at least 45 hours of work on it each week. Although, the next post will inform you of further information on this project, so enough said.


[March 8 - Last update]

The fact is I used to have this program updater on NG but that has now been erased. It was an unofficial flash and I just had no idea why that was there in the first place. It struck 2 days after the flash was submitted, I really felt appalled with the results because it was not a real flash submission. So as of March 8 '09, that specific flash material has been permanently erased from this site, as well as other improper submissions in the future.
I've decided it would be better if tests and lowly prioritized work stays in my freedom of fails, or on my site or on the DeviantArt site.
So that is all the info I'm putting in. That's just fine with me.


|| O ||||____||
|| /|\ |||||||______||
|| / \ |||| O ||________||
|| -- |||| /|\ ||||||____________||
|| \ / |||| / \ |||| O ||________________||
|| \|/ |||| -- |||| /|\ ||||||________________________||
|| O |||| \ / |||| / \ |||| O ||_________________________________||

(April 12) Who the heck am I kidding, the PD project has no future at this moment.