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2009-02-13 14:39:41 by WZyndicate

I'm using my degrees of architecture with the use of the flash program. I'm going to use the Macromedia Studio 8 software for my level of unknown expertise in animations and graphics.

So for this update, I'm putting a bit of info about the history of my company and my flash experience.
Either read on or go for a short break and then come back to your computer.

My Company Name:

The journey of 'WZyndicate Studios' wasn't a simple one.
Back in around May 2006, the first steps of making my own corporation was just under the name 'WZone', and I nicknamed that while I went on one of those nature walks. Months later, I had scrapped 'WZone' permanently, and took the rightful name of 'WZyndicate' in August 2007, and the chances of me making another name change after 'WZyndicate' is not going to happen.


I began using this program back in 2006, but at that time I didn't have any true definition of how to use it, not even the basics. I had been a little slack with computers back then, but that all changed in October 2008 when I gave flash one more shot, and through the help of the tutorials, I had found my true calling for computers.

Don't get surprised but I'm not going to place more things about 'WZStudios' now. But that should give you the vital information you may need (but that depends).

I'll give you no generic info about my upcoming project, so I'm going to close the lid on that project as tightly as I can until the day of the promo launch.
Here's an image from the project. It's not anything corresponding to romance (it's down the very bottom of this post).

Now, believe me when I say that I'm from Australia.

[Feb 14 update:]

My promo animation is almost ready. I'm now at the last phase of the promo production. I only have the credits to put in and little animating left to go. I was going to extend it to the 19th but I think it's best that I stay with the work I've got on it and finish early.


[Feb 15 update:]

You say the name by the following: A 'W' by itself, then 'Syndicate', but you put more of a 'Z' emphasis in it than an 'S'.
I'm only going to mention this just once on how to say it correctly, otherwise I'll be just going overkill (but definitely not literally), with continually repeating the abbreviation of the name on any of my future news posts.

"I'll give you no generic info about my upcoming project", that was the sentence I said to you on this post days ago. But as of very recent, I had made a very awkward mistake, so I'll let you name it. But I'll pass on my gratitude and take the honors of putting my flash promo to Newgrounds.
So this is where I'm going to leave it for now, return back here at around 4am on the 16th for more. At that time, the promo would already be submitted to this site. So I'm out of here for now, I better get my hope's up.


[Feb 17th]
I have good news about the Polygon Dancers project, my 'three' protagonists have been confirmed, and all of them have the full bodies. The other character designs are in progress, as well as the first backgrounds for the flash pilot of PD.
My info for the PD updater is confirmed for an animation change at late march, but to be honest, I wasn't happy with the deadline of five days after commencing the updater animation. But with stuff like this, the material comes out earlier or later than the confirmation date in that unusual moment of a blank canvas in your imagination consistently appearing for a duration of 2 or more days.
There's only one more update. The title for this post has now been rewritten as "Polygon Dancers, February updates", from the moderately confusing title of "Shaping it for March".
Still more to come.


[Feb 28th]

I'm done with the characters and sketch storyboard and I'm now at the stage of starting the drafts and scripts for my pilot episode of Polygon Dancers. I'm on par with this project so far, putting at least 45 hours of work on it each week. Although, the next post will inform you of further information on this project, so enough said.


[March 8 - Last update]

The fact is I used to have this program updater on NG but that has now been erased. It was an unofficial flash and I just had no idea why that was there in the first place. It struck 2 days after the flash was submitted, I really felt appalled with the results because it was not a real flash submission. So as of March 8 '09, that specific flash material has been permanently erased from this site, as well as other improper submissions in the future.
I've decided it would be better if tests and lowly prioritized work stays in my freedom of fails, or on my site or on the DeviantArt site.
So that is all the info I'm putting in. That's just fine with me.


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|| / \ |||| O ||________||
|| -- |||| /|\ ||||||____________||
|| \ / |||| / \ |||| O ||________________||
|| \|/ |||| -- |||| /|\ ||||||________________________||
|| O |||| \ / |||| / \ |||| O ||_________________________________||

(April 12) Who the heck am I kidding, the PD project has no future at this moment.