Coincidence (rewritten)

2009-04-02 05:35:52 by WZyndicate

Well, it turned out to be one white penny.

The image is proof straight below this text.

Hold on, hold on.
For anonymous reasons, we at WZS still can't upload the image in fear of plagiarism, hope you payed attention.

And I knew it was an April Fools (or China Tools) event since tens and thousands of others saw their posts being modified to think they were Chinese tree huggers, or just downright offended with their posts they wrote on that day.
Some of us got caught when users thought the Chinese have officially invaded this site, but because I worked on my animation for 3 of the 3 and a half hours on the PC (other 30 on this site), who the heck would've thought the site was taken over by irrational foreigners, thoughtless oafs?

(Also, did anyone notice NeNe when you try to vote on a submission on the 2nd of April? I'm hoping on (or after) Pico day, the vote icons might change, we will all find out soon won't we?)