Ready for the next round

2009-04-15 10:57:05 by WZyndicate

The difficult part's over, restoring balance on a strictly personal event.

All test animations that are created at WZS will be uploaded to my deviantArt account, under the same name as my NG account.



Promoted to the rank of Police Sergeant on NG at 11:33 am (NG time).


The studio is still struck with emotion but as promised, we'll be working to the best of our abilities. The first two pilots for this project will start off as Vector art done in Macromedia Flash.

Here's the order of business at WZS this week:

Sketches of characters from our upcoming project "InTQir".

Ideas for first ep of InTQir.

Staying on this site to celebrate Pico Day.
Continue to think of ideas for InTQir.

Storyboard sketch on Paper.

First version of InTQir script.

Revised storyboard on paper then if happy with piece, redone digitally on Flash.


That concludes this post update.