Is it sinking?! What could it be?

2009-05-04 07:48:59 by WZyndicate

Oh for slippers sake, I'm rolling (positive) marbles on the Windows live updates, I mean I already flashed the camera to an absolute 'nartslak'. Errr.... Anymore ridiculous nartslak's in the sky tonight?
And also, do boom boxes now contain nuclear material as speakers?

This post premieres my ending credits addon, the Twerp-a-Twerp card, it'll most likely be applied either at the start or the near end of a WZS produced animation.
So when the T-a-T card virtually makes too much sense for stained glass, it does just enough to think that some adrenaline bodied toddler can outrun a turtle on ice.
And that was from that moment, priorities became a may, not a must.

(Take interest first, then find out that I was putting something pointless to keep the fragile blockheads at bay. Other than the Windows live updates, the rest is plain fiction)

Post updated with post image of 1st T-a-T card.

Moved the Qirip Gene preview to June 6. This will also premiere my voice acting skill on Newgrounds, second in fact. Also during summer, take a look on my dA account for small but perhaps half-decent V.A tests.

This doesn't happen often but I'm working 13 straight hours on the preview today. No need to wish me luck because I have been busy doing warm-up exams this week.
[ Above this sentence is one of four main reasons why I've extended the preview deadline. ]

Will get more work done on coming Friday from this date.

NG's next generation wide layout. I see at least 35% benefits from where I stand.

Qirip Gene preview - another update:
Decided on a storyboard for the preview.

1:44 am - Reached level 10.

Promoted to rank of Police Captain on NG.

The whole week screwed me up nearly entirely.
Also means the preview won't arrive on NG until a suitable date of release or if my mind blocks fall to a minimum.

Another official WZS logo confirmed.

My apologies if I've not been updating this post. (During the past few days) First the anniversary of 'Man on the moon', then the longest 'Summer solstice' of this century, the same day when I bought a Wacom tablet.

Is it sinking?! What could it be?