another flash out now

2009-11-10 22:46:18 by WZyndicate

It better be ready before my character gets old fashioned.
Twerp-a-twerp comes back for no reason.
I can tell you that someone had deleted flash on my laptop so I did my best to get the most recent trial of flash.
I'll be making a few more flash animations in due time, this month at least.
And to answer about which flash program I got as a trial. It's Flash MX (flash 6).
More animations from me soon.

(Updates below)
File has already been removed. Revealing any of my personal experiences for either ridiculing or of desperation of my own personal life may seem suitable for some other people, but I would actually send the message of my sickness to this website. Because of my instability back then, the file was misused and I removed the file off the portal.