Damn it

2010-11-11 00:33:48 by WZyndicate

I'm sick waiting another 3 months to come back here, and I miss voting.
I'm starting on doing my first full animation to put here and on Facebook. My new project has a name and a release date. It's going to (hopefully) be out on my 19th birthday (Sept 24 2011).

Been playing some web games outside of Newgrounds for the past month.

I've been playing this Wii game that is very similar to Call of Duty. It's a reboot of the N64 game of the same name.

For now, I'm happy to be back on Newgrounds.

For some reason, I'm waiting for December.

My top priorities are my animation project and gaming as much as I can.

This is a big pain. You can't submit AGIFs to your profile picture.
I believe this is happening on the next layout update.