Destroying fame = Obvious Death of the media

2011-11-29 06:00:21 by WZyndicate

From Aaron of Live 12 (was WZyndicate):

I would have been intensely impatient waiting another 12 months to submit another news post to this website (in this case it's Newgrounds).

Anyway, I'm still here after being tortured by the media. I'm not actually tortured under the incomprehensible, nor the depraving fashion, media and technology trends, but how people continue to follow these trends of insignificance. More doppelgangers mean a more negative balance in the world, thus becoming freaks themselves.
It is by-far the worst years of the contemporary era. And I had read a bit about this era on Wikipedia beforehand.

This advice I'm about to share is a long-shot. So for anyone left who would support my beliefs, read. (Violence solves nothing, be the one who is not a stereotype):
"With the world changing to the deep moral decline of human qualities, it's these types of people where I feel not just sick, but have a severe unorthodox feeling towards them. The situation where you need to be the mature person in the family/group/workplace/company/industr y.
You have to remember inside your own mind in who you are. Do not change your ways to them. I am now more angered with the view of a diabolical world where it seems there is no other way to manipulate people but to brainwash them.

With the constant availability of technological devices destroying children's intellect, there are 2 different paths you can go. Join the obsessive compulsives in the social networking world, or shut it up for your own good.
Escape from this real-life nightmare somehow and ignore what they throw at you, because in the end, they'll be suffering in the long-term."

Back to the point about disaster grade celebrities. If I have to shout this out, I am free to shout "I'm very angry of average people being dumbed down by these idiotic celebrity delinquents!". If you become popular, many of the major corporations will snap your fame like a popsicle. In other words, the mainstream media is a suicidal deathwish and since some cannot relate to this, think for a moment.

In what I have considered as a trial account, I'm off Facebook permanently, since June 27th, 2011. I see Facebook for a lot of people similar to a drug addiction. Enter the addiction and it guarantees to scar you for life.

[-Moving on to other Topics-]

My project of what used to be project 4 (since this was a working title), is now renamed Plenantia Travin. Because of how I've been ranting at a constant, the progress on this project has not been good.

One of my Newgrounds profile blurbs explains my hatred with and to Facebook:
"I'm one with deep concerns to people who excessively use Facebook at the moment. COME on you.... IDIOTS! WAKE UP! You are still getting brainwashed."

As Newgrounds is not the only website I'm a member of, I am also on DeviantArt under "WZyndicate", my previous nickname.

Shown below, a promotional image of Plenantia Travin, as well as a release date for it. I do not allow comments in my news posts. Place a private message for your response.

Destroying fame = Obvious Death of the media