Entry #10

Exiting battle

2012-01-06 08:29:52 by WZyndicate

My pre-emptive opinion:
I call this site a burial waiting to seal it.

In the years past, hence like many websites, a strict fall in devotion. We guarantee the inconvenient processes occurred naturally, where a form of verbal assault on one person (user, member) can be strongly lacked in social networking websites.

Listen to the one who sees the conclusion before knowing the consequences.
Here's my example, a mainstream world where ideas such as my own, simply results in the stunned silence in the conference room. I leave and the next person shares its pitch to the conference staff.
The pitch: It centers itself in a promotional trailer, as the high amount of juvenile content of whom the company eventually calls as the winner of their product promotion. But of the overwhelming anticipation, becomes a pilot-only product.
Of many of the Television products the public see, are composed of virtually no educational value whatsoever, including sexual references.

Last words before exit:
This is not a pathetic excuse for war in an industry desperate... for popularity and the consumers brain cell genocide.

This account will stay archived. A decision finalized from this user.
January 6th, 2012.
The departure of WZyndicate.

Exiting battle