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Portal Defenders Portal Defenders

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Special - the only word for this flash game

It was just pure addiction from the first day.
When this review was written, I already had 410 points deposited under the achievement system for this game alone. It's the 'Ace of Spades' of fighting games on flash at the moment, even better than the latest 'Playstation 3' games I played recently.
This is a very long review you'll be reading so it's not my problem if you have time in your hands to read this.

[First of all]
It was definitely a challenge playing this for the first time, I shut down the 'Kitty Krew' on my first night, no further than that at that point. I had read the instructions before playing this melee flash game, and that payed off in my future plays. In all seriousness, I began with my natural strategy because I didn't have any idea of what skills the opposition had. Also at the first night, I was experimenting on the two lead defenders, and took most of that time using Tom because of the power of the blows coming out from his weapon of choice.
But later on that night I took Tom's advantages of strength and vitality to good use, and by the end of the night, I had blammed both the 'Kitty Krew' and 'Actionscripters' (I meant on this game) before resting on night 1.

[Second day]
Woke at one on that afternoon (USA eastern - 11pm), and I used Tom again, hoping to blam anyone on sight. An hour and a half later, it went down to my fourth showdown with Wadolf and this time, it was 'king of the portal' personal. Epic blow after epic blow made the battle of brothers one to remember on a flash game. I was very concerned but I emerged victorious in the end of all that strategic work. I knew that that wasn't the end of the line, as there were other awards up for grabs. As of March 4th, my score for achievements is shown on the top of this review.
Now let's get to my opinion on this game.

[My thoughts on this game]
By far, this one is special because it takes making a flash game soar to new heights with the achievements system in which so many users were waiting a damn long time for. It's a really great concept that makes the userpage spring into life even more, two thumbs up for whoever came up with that idea in the first place.

Right. What should I say about this flash game.
First is about the introduction. The witty humor of the overweight, mustached chicken being compacted by the NG tank was outrageous in many levels. Something else that was comic was the characters being in the form of CC, that at first gave me loss of concentration while playing that certain protagonist in the PD stage. But what was also satirical with the characters was the weapons they used, Tom with the wooden spoon and Dan with a large fork? Dear oh dear, and the feeling of keeping a straight face on was virtually impossible for hours on end (wears off after 7 to 8 hours). I also love how after a round ends, the character victory move combines celebration and satire as one. Something else that had that humorous touch were the newspaper articles. I've got a few faves but I won't name them because some users might not have finished the game with the six characters. The choice of sounds that were used captured the moments at ace quality, and my opinion of music is on the lines of well chosen songs and loops. The simplicity of the one button attack makes it suitable for any user to take the commands of the protagonist, and the mini games give it the extra dimension of relief and extras for later on in the game.

This is a very special game that introduces the Medal Achievement System, the best thing happening on Newgrounds Flash games. Addiction got me here and my review is proof of my extended opinion of Portal Defenders.
It's a perfect 10 in my review book, and also in tens of thousands of user review books.

Thanks for taking the time reading this review. I bow to all of you for a very special game made exclusively for this site.


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MagicPen2 MagicPen2

Rated 5 / 5 stars

The mind power all the way

I must admit, it was a challenge, but the truth is, I managed to finish all of the levels on MP2.
I'm guessing that about 70% of the NG community would be thinking that the toughest two levels on this game are impossible to win (in the users opinion) or too difficult to accomplish.
This is also educational too because it teaches the younger users to make shapes while finding their way to collect the flags.

My overall result, a 10 of 10. Voted 5.
Well..... thanks for reading.
WZyndicate [:] ' ]

Doomrunner Fx Doomrunner Fx

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Excellent time killer

I really mean it!. It was a little difficult to exceed level three when I played it for the first 20 minutes.
I had to take a small break because I felt thirsty. And after the break, I returned to Doomrunner Fx and I was prepared to find out how far I can go before I eject the seat.
Note: This remade flash arcade was submitted around 5 hours after I wrote this review btw.
My results are as follows:
I reached level ten before my end of the line for this game for the day
And a score of 55,450 points

My next focus is to try reaching the top level on this game and to also reach a score of 100k points or more (perhaps 250k points or even one million). Just remember that you're not the one who didn't set these goals. But if you're game and aiming for the potential of the challenge that I've set up, feel free to give it a try. I'll keep submitting my results from DR FX to show you my improvements from my first submitted score of 55,450.

On top of all that, it's going to my top five of the week of Jan 18 to 24 2009.
But that said, this is in fact my first written review here at this website.

Thank you (the user) for reading this review

WZyndicate of WZyndicate Studios

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gameshed responds:

He seams that we have an addict here :P. Thank you for the review!